Fashion Styling

Spring/Summer Accessories  - Fall/Winter Accessories

Cool and Casual Vs. A Brighter Feel

Funky... Vs. Classic With A Twist



Look and Relaxed Vs. Sophisticated With Spunk

'70's Meets 2011
Another's '70's Feel

Fresh and Breezy

Plaid cropped pants and a floral top can be mixed and matched so many ways!

Business / Dinner Chic Vs. Teen/20's Version

Winter Shorts



Anonymous said...

omg!!!! great selections! great suggestions! can't wait to go thru my closet and funk it up!

Anonymous said...

amazing outfits, look great in so many of the pictures too. now, i will look in my closet and see if i could do half of what you did.
thanks so much.

jennysanzo said...

oh you and I could have so much fun shopping together! Love the looks you put together... just started a fashion blog specific to where I live (Rochester NY). Grew up in Jersey right outside Manhattan and crave the fashion scene from time to time, trying to highlight what Rochester has to offer and help those of us feeling style deprived. Check on my blog sometime... I just started last week, would love some pointers.


Amanda Winters - A+ Plan said...

Very cute blog, Jenny! You're too funny, and I'm sure we would have fun shopping together. Thanks for the post!